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Maureen G. Nadeau, MSN, APRN, iRNPA

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What exactly is an "Independent" RN Patient Advocate and how is this different from the patient advocates in the hospital or the nurse advocate who calls me from the insurance company?


Independent RN Patient Advocates work directly for you and, therefore, have no allegiance or conflict of interests with any other part of the healthcare system.  iRNPA's have no agenda other than YOUR health. We work directly for you and only you.


Are there National or Standardized Certifications for Patient Advocates?


No. At this point in time there are no standardized or national certifications for Patient Advocates.


Maureen Nadeau MS, RN, iRNPA has completed the RN Patient Advocates Program that is sponsored by the University of Arizona School of Nursing in conjunction with RN Patient  Advocates, LLC in Tucson, Arizona. This program is very selective and only accepts nurses who have extensive clinical experience, leadership skills, and a demonstrated interest in lifelong learning.  It is also the only RN Patient Advocate Program that is associated with a School of Nursing.


Does insurance cover your services? What are the fees?


RN Patient Advocacy Services are not currently covered by insurance. RN Patient Advocacy services are part of your yearly out of pocket medical expenses and you will have statements certifying your payments.


Depending on the total of your out of pocket expenses you may be eligible for a tax deduction. (Please check with your accountant).  If you have a pre-tax medical Saving Account (FSA) services may be eligible for reimbursement. (Please check with the Benefits Administrator of your FSA).  Professional fees are $125 per hour.


How do you work with my current doctors? Will my doctor be insulted or angry with me?


Independent RN Patient Advocates work in a collaborative model with your health care providers. We are not there to be on opposite sides of the table. We are there to stand by your side, ask questions, and help you understand the answers. You are the center of the health care team, and as such need to be well informed.


How long will I need the services of an Independent RN Patient Advocate?


This varies quite a bit depending on your needs. Some people want a comprehensive review of their health history and education about their medications.  This is a time limited service. Other people might need more time for education, support and planning around a new health condition. Sometimes elders engage an RN Patient Advocate to visit with them every month.

Whatever your health need, Maureen will plan with you how an RN Patient Advocate will best fit your individual needs.



More questions:  Give Maureen a call at 520-999-1830.  She'll be happy to answer
any of your questions and put your mind at ease.


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