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Maureen G. Nadeau, MSN, APRN, iRNPA

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Tucson RN Patient Advocate is devoted to helping individuals achieve their best health outcomes in today’s complex worlds of health and healthcare.  Maureen Nadeau offers individualized support, education and research in the areas of personal health history, diagnosis, treatment, and wellness promotion.


Everyone deserves to be a full partner in the care of their own health.  Maureen makes this possible by working directly for you and your interests.  She strives to protect your safety and promote your health within a medical system that is increasingly fragmented, and increasingly fraught with medical error.  Maureen can be a bridge for you, your family and your healthcare providers

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About Tucson RN Patient Advocate


Tucson RN Patient Advocate was formed by Maureen G. Nadeau, MSN, RN, APRN in March of 2014. Maureen has over 35 years of advanced nursing practice. She has seen firsthand the increasing fragmentation and pressures of our current health care system. Current research demonstrates that misdiagnosis and medical error are at a dangerous and all time high in this country (Journal of Patient Safety. September 2013 - Volume 9 - Issue 3 - p 122-128).


Nurses have always been professionally educated to think critically, ask questions and clarify any action or decision that affects their patient's health. Tucson RN Patient Advocate embodies this essential spirit and professional practice of nurse patient advocacy.


Tucson RN Patient Advocate services are based on a collaborative relationship with each patient.  Maureen feels that the path to optimum health outcomes is through understanding the unique needs and preferences of each patient and hearing their personal medical narrative.  Tucson RN Patient Advocate combines this information with a systematic review of all medical records, medications and current treatment options to build a comprehensive knowledge base for your healthcare discussions and decisions.


With Tucson Patient Advocate you will be the center of your health care team. You will not be alone.

Maureen's education/background info

Specialized Mental Health Treatment Review

Maureen G. Nadeau has been an Advanced Practice Nurse with a specialization in Mental Health since she earned her Masters Degree in Nursing from Boston College in 1978.  She has worked in multiple settings in her career and has significant experience in treating and evaluating patients with mental health conditions. Before moving to Tucson, her private practice in Massachusetts included psychiatric treatment, including the prescription of medications for behavioral health diagnoses.


Due to cross state licensing differences, Maureen is not able to prescribe medication in her new state of Arizona. However, Maureen is able to do a complete psychiatric review of your history, your records, and your medications.  A comprehensive, retrospective review can be invaluable in gaining a clearer understanding of your mental health diagnosis and what treatment modalities have (or have not) been employed to treat you. A complete review of your medication history can yield important information or generate unasked questions about the pharmacological interventions during your treatment.


This is a very specialized aspect of Patient Advocacy Services that Maureen brings to the Tucson area.


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